Start Reeling: What You Need to Go Fishing & Tips for Beginners

Quick tips to get you reeling through the fresh water near you

Fishing can be an intimidating hobby to pick up. You can spend a lifetime on the water and still have lots to learn.

Waterfall GIF Top Strike Fishing

If you’re just getting started, we’ve put together some basic gear recommendations for fresh water fishing along with some tips that might help beginners reel in their first catch.

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Creek Fishing? Try Casting Downstream for Trout

Four good reasons to give it a shot…

Conventional wisdom says that if you’re fishing a creek for trout, you should cast your lure upstream and retrieve diagonally downstream. And there’s a good reason for that: trout are often watching upstream for their next meal to swim by.

However, there are many benefits to casting downstream when creek fishing, and in our experience a hungry trout will strike your bait just as aggressively regardless of which direction you cast.

In fact, we’ve caught just as many fish casting downstream. Here are four good reasons why you might want to try casting the opposite way next time you’re stomping through a stream near you.

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