How to Make a Fish Stringer Out of Carved Wood and Cordage

Do it yourself with scrap materials and a knife…

If you plan to keep your catch, you’ll want some way to bring it along as you continue fishing – ideally keeping it alive in water so the meat stays fresh. Fish stringers made out of paracord, bank line or some other cordage are cheap and compact, so it’s worth keeping a couple of them with your other fishing gear.

Although basic rope stringers are only $5 or $10 on Amazon, you can make one yourself for free with scrap materials – a strong stick and some durable string. The only other thing you’ll need is need a knife or something to carve down the wood, and half an hour to spare.

Full demonstration video below!

The “needle” end of a stringer is narrow enough that it can slip through the mouth and openings in gills of a fish. You guide the needle through its mouth and gills, pull the string most of the way through, then wrap the needle around a ring or loop on the opposite end of the cordage to secure the fish. Now you’re ready to carry your catch from fishing hole to fishing hole.

These simple rope stringers are still great to have as a lightweight backup if you already own a heavier all-metal stringer like this.

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