Spool Up: How to Put Line on a Fishing Reel With an Arbor Knot

Grab your rod, reel and some line…

There’s a lot to learn if you’re just starting to fish, and knowing how to put line on a reel is up high on the list of essentials. Although it’s simple to do, spooling fresh line on a reel can be confusing.

We’ll get you casting in no time flat with a few quick steps and some demos.

Before we get going, note that we’re assuming you already have a rod, reel and some line at-hand.

Step 1: Feed your line through the eyes of your rod

Starting from the top of your rod, guide the line through each eye until you reach your spool – but don’t tie the line to your reel just yet.

Step 2: Bring your line under the line roller on your bail

With the bail on your reel closed, guide your line under the line roller and pull enough through so you can tie the line to your spool.

Step 3: Tie your line securely to the spool of your reel

Attach the line to your spool with an arbor knot, which is as easy as tying two regular overhand knots. Here’s how to tie an arbor knot:

Step 4: Start reeling until your spool has enough line

Put a stick or something similar through the spindle that your line came on and set that up so it’s free-rolling. Then you can start reeling.

Step 5: Cut your line and tie a hook or lure to the end

Now that you’ve spooled up, you’re almost ready to start casting – just attach a lure to your line using the improved clinch knot. Here’s how:

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